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At Rath Associates, we provide a comprehensive range of accounting services for companies from general bookkeeping and tax returns to financial forecasting. As an independent accountancy firm, we take pride in ensuring all our clients receive the same dedicated service with rigorous attention to detail. Our sole aim is to ensure timely and effective management of your accounts, enabling your business to grow and thrive. Contact us on +91-7587749800 to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

Our Team

Offering a broad range of accountancy services from tax returns and payroll, our team of accountants are fully qualified and committed to what they do. As an independent firm, we rely on our reputation for excellence and all our clients receive the same dedicated service. We also understand that some accountancy services aren’t just about finances. We can help with probate and estate administration sensitively and with tact.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of accountancy services for businesses of all sizes. From sole traders, small, or medium to large businesses, our team of qualified, professional accountants can help you with the burden of financial management. Services we offer include: ITR ,TAX and GST returns, company accounts and financial forecasting, bookkeeping and payroll. We can also provide advice if you’re looking to start-up or expand your business.

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Our Analisys is Your
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or each client, we create financial reports containing the information that you need: comprehensive financial statements, notes of items that require special tax treatment, and transaction level backup.

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We have served small, medium and big businesses fight the fear of taxation phantom through sound consultation and on-time service delivery for years..

Our Fee
While our service may not come cheap, we justify our charges through quality and value-for-money service. You can even ask for refund if you are dissatisfied with our services, even though we are sure you won't need to.

We earned our reputation as a reliable tax consultant for businesses and individuals through its persistent commitment and a track record that speaks volumes of our credibility.

Proven Results
We bank on driving results. Our experienced and motivated professionals thrive on their deliverability and their unmatched ability to offer personalized solutions that are unique to your business needs.